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On an impromptu outing to Montreal with some friends in the summer of 2016, brothers Michael and Joe Collier had a moment of shared inspiration. They realized that there was a common thread that wove through the tapestry of their experiences in Montreal. During their many excursions, it didn’t matter with whom they traveled, or for what purpose – at some point while there they would eat poutine.

New Italian restaurant in the old city? Stop at a poutinerie on the walk and grab a quick appetizer.

Headed to a show? Fill up on a poutine dinner before arriving at the venue.

Night out on the town? Poutine. Poutine. Poutine.

Day trip to the botanical gardens? Maybe hit a fromagerie on the way in and grab a poutine afterwards for lunch.

Whatever the reason. Whatever the season. Poutine. This is what they discovered. And this is what they decided to bring back to their beloved Vermont.

Serendipitously, in August of 2016, a food cart location came up for sale on Church Street. The brothers made their offer, accepted the terms and never looked back. And thus was born Vermont’s first poutinerie.

On December 2nd,  2016, at around 8PM, two friends walked up to the new cart on Church Street and said, “We’d like a poutine please.” The brothers smiled at each other and happily delivered. It was the first order ever received by Maudite Poutine and customers haven’t stopped lining up since.

poutine cart night.jpg




Over the course of about ten weeks in the Fall of 2016, with a stack of crude drawings in hand and guided by a boundless imagination Joe set out to build the Maudite Poutine cart from the ground up.

With the indispensable help and generosity of spirit of a hugely talented group of friends and family, the cart took shape. In the beginning of December, 2016 Maudite Poutine officially opened for business on Church Street.


Maudite poutine @ Orlando’s bar & lounge

The next phase

Fall of 2018 - Present Day

In the Fall of 2018, after wrapping up another great season on Church Street, Maudite Poutine was invited to team up with the rockstars at Orlando’s Bar and Lounge to open up a fully rounded cocktail lounge, music venue, and restaurant. Emboldened by the enthusiasm surrounding the cart, Joe and Michael decided they had no choice but to double down and open up Vermont’s first brick and mortar poutinerie. They convinced their sister, Leah, to quit her life and move to Vermont to join the team. They couldn’t have done it without her!